Mango Dome Entremet – I Remember 11

Mango Dome Entremet – I Remember 11


My oldest son is turning 11.  That is the first age that I remember ever being.  I don’t remember before then but I remember talking to a friend and saying that I was 11 (while playing barbies by the pool).  I feel like 11 was so much younger in 1990.  I can’t imagine my middle school students still playing with Barbies.

Anyways, back to my sweet honey boy.  He’s so great.  I feel so honored to be his Mama.  He fills me with such immense joy.  Every time I walk down the stairs in the morning, and he is already awake and downstairs, he’ll stop what he’s doing and run up and kiss me.  Even at 11.  Throughout the day I’ll hear him sing a little tune that goes something like ‘I love my Mama, she’s so pretty….’ of course it usually ends with ‘May I play Fortnite?’  I don’t mind.  I’ll take it.  So now that I am on Summer break from teaching, I decided to tackle a big job.  I have the time!  Nothing but leisure for me these days.  And also, my son deserves nothing but the best.  His favorite food is mangos and I just so happen to find a dessert fit for a king.  I thought I would tackle a baking job like no other.  Nothing like a challenge (I have vanilla ice cream and hot fudge sauce in the waiting just in case).  I discovered Chef Iso while perusing for pastries that are beyond what I have ever done.  And I found it.  I’ve decided to attempt the Mango Dome Entremet and have acquired all of the crazy supplies (thanks to my Mama who surprised me with buying everything off my Amazon wish list).   An entremet is a French dessert that has different elements in it such as crunchy, spongy, creamy, wobbly, etc.  This one will have a spongy (almond dacquoise), a creamy (Bavarian mousse), and a wobbly (mango compote).

So I’m the home baker that likes to eye-ball things and use basic measuring tools such as cups and spoons.  Today I am officially a hardcore home baker as I will be using a scale.


I covered my scale with plastic wrap because it’s not always clean livin’

I am writing this post as I go.  This dessert has 4 components: mango compote, Bavarian mousse,  almond dacquoise and a mirror glaze.  I will be making this as written by Chef Iso, with no variations due to high altitude.  I think I am most excited about the mirror glaze.  I have always wanted to try one.  Here is how it went:

Making the mango compote was easy.  Again, I did measure all of my ingredients on a scale.  I am noticing that the ‘~ about such and such measurement’ is not accurate to the grams it is asking you to provide.  So I cannot stress enough to measure on a scale.  I have plenty of mango compote leftover which I will freeze for later use, probably on a tropical ice-cream sundae (picture some mango compote coupled with toasted coconut and maybe some white chocolate shavings over some vanilla ice cream!?  Yes please….).




Now it is time to start the almond dacquoise, although hold on!  Major baking/cooking tip ahead:

Make sure to wash dishes that were used, clean the work station and re-organize ingredients after each step and before moving on.

This is key in helping me stay focused and to continually enjoy what I am doing.  This is fun and the last thing I need is to feel overwhelmed with a pile of dishes at the end of this endeavor.  Plus, I do not have endless supplies so I need to wash bowls to reuse for the next step.

For the almond dacquoise, I have used the mesh strainer to sift my already super-fine almond flour and set aside.  My egg whites were measuring a little less than 5 eggs (keep those egg yokes for the mousse!).  Up here in this high altitude it is hard to get a truly stiff meringue, so mine is a little less.  Regardless, it kept its shape as I folded the sifted almond flour in.




Here is my lull.  I will not start the Bavarian mousse until my dacquoise is cooled and my compote frozen.  So after my dishes are done, work station wiped down and ingredients prepped for the next step, I will allow myself the pleasure of sitting – with a hot cup of coffee and a good book (I am currently reading The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek by Kim Michele Richardson – it’s so good so far!).

My compote has officially frozen!  So before cutting out the cooled dacquoise I made sure my round cookie-cutter was the right size to my dome pan.  Since I am making only 6 of these domes – I appear to have a lot of leftovers.  I will cut the rest of the dacquoise up and freeze it as well.  Maybe adding a round cutout to each of the tropical ice-cream sundaes I’m apparently going to be making.  Up next: Bavarian Mousse.




Okay several things…. I just finished and my domes are in the freezer.  First of all, I was unable to take pictures while making the creme anglaise (the first step in the mousse).  The creme anglaise takes both hands, I did not want to scramble the egg yokes.  I have made ice cream many a’times so I was well versed in tempering.  I whisk briskly while adding a few tablespoons at a time of the warmed cream/milk mixture.  I then add the tempered egg yokes to the pan with the cream/milk and get it to 170 degrees F on my candy thermometer.  I melt the white chocolate… making sure to not over heat.  It will ruin the whole batch of chocolate if over heated.

HUGE catastrophe!  My immersion blender has died!  Officially died while I was trying to blend the chocolate to the creme anglaise.  Detrimental – but I finished the creme with a hand-held blender and it was fine. Folding the whipped cream into the creme anglaise is a beautiful thing…



The assembly was surprisingly easy.  I added about 3T of the Bavarian mousse to each mold before adding a frozen mold of compote, topping it off with a piece of almond dacquoise that has been generously swept with the simple syrup (that happens to be housing my mango slices to which I will be garnishing the tops of my entremets).




Finishing my domes, I realized that I could have made a 1/4 of the Bavarian mousse recipe.  There is a HUGE bowl of Bavarian mousse left over!  I decided to add some orange zest and juice and will make it into a French-Orange Bavarian Mousse. Nothing like oranges and cream!  I happen to have one navel orange in the fridge – I just hope one is enough.  No time to head to the market since there is gelatin involved….I divided the mousse into ramekins and put them in the fridge.




Now back to my immersion blender catastrophe.  I am stressing out.  This will ruin the mirror glaze.  If there are air bubbles in this glaze, it defeats the whole purpose.  Chef Iso does mention that I may strain the glaze in a sieve and maybe that will take out any air bubbles.  I’m going to have to use a hand-held blender because I live on top of a mountain and do not have the convenience of hopping over to a Bed Bath & Beyond to pick up a new immersion blender.  Dang it… wish me luck…




So I made the glaze and the sieve idea worked quite well!  Above you’ll see the glaze after I used my hand-held mixer and then after pouring it through the sieve (middle picture) it got rid of most the bubbles.  I still strongly suggest an immersion blender.  The glaze was quite easy to make.  No eggs to temper or boiling to certain temperature.  It came together quite quick.




And by the way, my son requested chicken enchiladas, roasted broccoli and refried beans for dinner…..  Needless to say, I’m tired.

But look at this face…. worth it ALL!


We have 6 to eat and a ton of French-Orange Bavarian Mousse in the fridge!


I guess I’ll have to save the hot fudge and vanilla ice cream for a different time.  This worked.  I hope you try this.  It was super fun.  Thank you Chef Iso!  Happy birthday Aiden!