recycle2I love to recycle.  I don’t remember a time when I did not recycle.  I feel like I understood how sacred the Earth and it’s inhabitants were at a young age and with each passing year that sense of responsibility has grown, and continues to grow.

Here in Colorado there is not just one trash company that is contracted out by the government, we have numerous trash companies to choose from.  Up here in the mountains there is about 3 companies to choose from.  Two of the companies do not offer a free recycling program, one does.  I wonder which to choose?  Hmmmm…..  Obviously I choose the one with the recycling program and try really hard not to judge the houses that have chosen the other companies.

We are allowed 2 – 32 gallon bags a week.  We do not have to sort the recyclables which is cool.  You better believe each week our 2 bags are full.  The trash company gave us a sheet that has what they can and cannot recycle.  They recycle most everything except cardboard, phone books, styrofoam and plastic bags (and most of that can be recycled for free at our local Wal-Mart).

This is what you can recycle most of the time (I would suggest checking with your trash company to confirm):

Office paper

Junk mail & Magazines

Newspapers (we keep those for kindling)

Brown paper bags

Paperboard (cereal & tissue boxes)

Aluminum cans

Plastics (#1-7)

Empty aerosol cans

Glass bottles & jars

Tin cans

Most of this is common sense, or maybe not?  I have gone to houses and notice that people throw a lot of these items away as they cook so I felt maybe if the information was put out there in an easily read format maybe it would motivate people to recycle more.

To make my life easier I keep a recycle trash can and a regular trash can.  As I cook I do a courtesy rinse on all the containers and cans I recycle and just toss them in the recycle trash can as I go.  It takes just a few seconds longer than if I were just throwing them away in the regular trash can.  Those few seconds are well spent I believe.

Examples of some items I recycle most frequently: yogurt containers, cereal boxes, diced tomato/pumpkin cans, plastic milk containers, chicken stock cartons, milk cartons, glass juice containers, magazines, tissue boxes, cream cheese containers, margarine containers, and many many more :)

To me it is second nature to recycle while I cook, I encourage any or all of you who read this to try it.  Or at least consider it.

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