Swiffer, Squirt+Mop and Reusable Mop Pads ~ I Am a Feminist and So Are You

She is a gosh darn liar.

I would like to use that iron to remove her lying smirk.

Welcome.  Welcome to my first post of a new category I have incorporated into this seemingly growing blog: Products/Ingredients I Love.

My interests are vast people.

I don’t get out much.  And when I do.  Fireworks go off!


The only time I go out is on holidays.

Sometimes I will happen upon a product.  Probably one that most have already discovered.  I do apologize for the redundancy – if applicable.  So when I discover it, I am ecstatic!

I’m easy.  Everything excites me in some way or another.

I also would like to encompass within this post that I am a hard core, pure-bred, passionate Feminist.  Please note what a Feminist is prior to deleting me and my blog forever:

A person who believes in gender equality.


I am a feminist, and so are you.  Unless you do not believe in gender equality – in that case, please delete me and my blog forever.

With that said.

I am a mom/homemaker again.

The wonderful difference, is that this is my choice.

The women back in the day, did not have a choice

Or were chastised for their choice to work.

Anyhoo…I just discovered three products that have made my bathroom-floor-cleaning-days SPECTACULAR!  Let me just relay that I have two young sons.  I tend to only go in their bathroom if I need to replenish the toilet paper or to put a new bottle of shampoo in their shower.  It.is.disgusting.

I love the art of mindful mopping.  You know, hands and knees – the old-fashioned way.  I will do that when I am an older person with no young men hosing down the tile with, well, you know.

So with my need to stay as far away as possible from the tile floor of my sons bathroom, I have had to go out of my comfort zone – and head

to Target.

Actually, I ordered these on Amazon.  Target is all the way down the Pass.  Here is what I ordered for which have changed my life forever.

Just the most basic model.

Just the most basic model.  I just love the ability to swivel!

Ginger Yuzu!  Oh - that scent is heavenly.

Ginger Yuzu! Oh – that scent is heavenly.  Plus no yuckies, 100% eco/child friendly.

Reusable, microfiber pads.  Just wet, ring out and start your chore.

Reusable, machine washable, microfiber pads. Just wet, ring out and start your chore.


Yes, just like any good Feminist, I clean my floors in stilettos.

Yes, just like any good Feminist, I clean my floors in stilettos.

So, for my first post in my new category – I give you the best, easiest, most glorious scented bathroom floor products.

Happy cleaning.