Traveling Solo to the Green Isle (not to be confused with the one in Minnesota)


I have quite the adventure brewing.  In less than a month I will be taking an international trip to London, with a side – solo – trip to Ireland.  I keep thinking how I should be feeling anxious and/or frightened to be all alone in a country I’ve only read about for 48 hours ~ yet all I feel is elated.  I love my friends and husband but I tend to fall under the category of a ‘people pleaser’ and I have come to terms that I am unable to go to museums with anyone because I tend to feel rushed even though my companions are all too nice and patient with my pace.  I don’t like having anyone wait on or for me.  Especially if these are places of history with plaques and pictures and artifacts awaiting my appraisal.

Back to Dublin…

I am now hoping you can see why I am atingle with the idea that I can go and peruse the Trinity Library in such a leisurely manner that will only suit me.  That I will venture through the National Museum and Gallery of Ireland at such a snail pace I might, myself, be mistaken for a modern sculpture.

Where do you want to eat?

I don’t know.

Well what kind of food do you feel like?

Let’s ask around.

But I’m hungry now.

Okay, let’s look in our travel book real quick.

Okay, but I only want to eat….

No.  None of that.

I plan to dine at a fine establishment such as Bear or The Chop House where I will order an obscenely expensive and obnoxious meal such as a porterhouse or something I’ve never had before like lambs belly with sweet breads.  I will retire to a lovely hotel near Temple Bar and listen to the nightlife as I fall fast asleep, dreaming only of castles, dragons and strong, handsome celtic warriors.

Upon awakening I look forward to a delightful legendary Irish breakfast at Slattery’s where I will dutifully try black pudding with my eggs and sausage.  I will then walk on over to a bookstore that only harbors rare and first editions, Cathach Books, where I will lose myself completely for who knows how long.  Fingers crossed I will find a rare and/or first edition book in my price range.  I will follow this up with a jaunt through the Dublin Castle and make my way to Malahide where I will wait in a pub on the rocky coast of Ireland – for my husband to arrive.  He’ll drink a Guinness (or two or three) and then we’ll make our way to the Malahide Castle and then fly promptly to Manchester where we will get to partake in a wedding celebration for a dear, dear friend.

I can change my mind on any of this.  After all, it’s only me I need to please…

Happy travels friends.

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