So the Joke Was On Me…



Ha ha ha!

I get it now.

All you working parents out there…

…all along…

…were snickering behind my back,

as I told tales of stay-at-home motherhood.

My trials and tribulations.

I thought I was lucky, to be honest.


I get to stay in my pajamas until noon if I so desired.

I don’t have a boss.

I can come and go as I please.

I can sit at a park in the middle of the day enjoying the sun and my children.

Until, of course someone pee’s their pants and you realize you didn’t bring a spare because you were too busy filling water bottles, packing snacks, smearing the children with sunblock, making sure their shoes are on the right feet, where are your hats?  Need to put the bark collar on the dog, close all the windows because the dog will punch through the screens, lock the doors, oops, I need shoes….and pants.  Go back in get myself ready, come back out.  Where are the kids?  As you hear them laughing at you to come catch them so now you’re running around the yard carrying the lunch bag, more sunblock, hats that they dropped outside the front door and water bottles.

And then…

A child cries and wants to be carried all the way home.  A mile later and with no feeling left in your arm you need to prepare the quickest lunch possible to quiet the chaos for just long enough for you to finally use the restroom only to be interrupted and told that milk spilled all over the kitchen table and got under the glass top onto the wood tabletop and that Lily, the Labrador, is eating their sandwiches that they simultaneously dropped and they think it’s hilarious because they don’t realize that the dog suffers from Celiac and will now have the runs all night long on your bedroom carpet.

So, ha ha ha.  You got me.

Thumbs up on keeping a secret.

Thumbs up on keeping a secret.

My days off are so much more exhausting – that by Sunday afternoon I cannot wait to go to work.  Unlock my office door and relax in my sanctuary.  Enjoy a cup of hot, non-reheated coffee.  Have adult conversations with fascinating people all day long and use the restroom whenever I want and without an audience.  The only responsibilities I have are figuring out if I want to walk a block by myself under the beautiful sun to get a latte.  And doing well at my job of course.

All of that sanity is possible because of one requirement:

my boys are so tremendously happy at their daycare.

I drop them off and they run to the door.

The weekends I wake up with moans from them after I tell them it is not a school day.

Since they are settled, I am allowing myself the grace to freakin’ enjoy this!

Another strong component of why I am so elated, is that I work with people whom I aspire to be.

My boss, whom I refer to as a superhero, is magical to work with.

I love my place of work so much that sometimes I get scared I might lose it.

Like that relationship you are so stoked about and all of a sudden you put up that armor because you would absolutely be devastated if it were to go away.  Like how did I do life before meeting this person (or job)?

One day at a time baby.

I’m riding this wave because I deserve it!

Judge all your pretty little heart desires…

…I love working and not being a stay-at-home mom.


10 thoughts on “So the Joke Was On Me…

  1. It took me a while to get to where you are – maybe because my job can be waaaay more stressful than it needs to be? maybe because it took a little bit of time for my daughter to adjust to daycare? – but I am definitely there now. Don’t get me wrong, I YEARN for time with my daughter, but without fail I am always more exhausted by the end of my weekend than I am at the start. Kids are hard work!

    • Thank you for relating. And please don’t get me wrong, I miss my boys throughout the day. But not the gut-wrenching, hurting kind because I know they are okay and I feel I deserve some time to enjoy my independence. Good stuff, thank you for sharing!

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